“My daughter had a number of learning issues identified in third grade. To help her overcome these limitations, it was suggested she work with an outside learning specialist twice a week. Michelle worked with her for the last two years of Elementary School. She was professional, skilled, and a great advocate. The techniques she used have enabled my daughter to become the confident high school sophomore she is today. Thanks Michelle!”

“Michelle Ross has been working with my eight year old son for the last two years. My son has dyslexia and we have seen him make tremendous progress while working with her. He always enjoys his sessions and never complains that he needs the extra help. Michelle really cares about the children she works with and this is evident in her caring attitude and communication with me, the parent. I give her an A++”–Marsha Attie

“Michelle worked with our daughter for about a year and we saw such a big difference in her abilities. Michelle made learning fun for our daughter, she looked forward to all her sessions with Michelle and was sad when we no longer needed her services. I especially liked that Michelle was so positive and she really understood my child’s learning styles and how best to help her. Michelle always kept me informed of our daughters progress and made recommendations to further assist our daughter. She was great to work with!”–Margie Curran

“Michelle has been a wonderful resource, helping our son push through his challenges and reach a much higher level of reading and writing than he would have otherwise. She is patient, caring and thoughtful with our son. Likewise, she has been a wonderful communicator with us, keeping us informed every step of the way. We feel fortunate to have found her. –Michael C”

“During grammar school, my child was tutored by Michelle Ross for several years. Michelle took the time to build a rapport with her which made her feel at ease.
My daughter’s reading skills improved with Michelle’s help. I would highly recommend Michelle because she was very professional, reliable and has shown great expertise in her field.”